1. My view on what is high performance coaching
  2. The 6 elements to take into account when coaching 
  3. The 10 principles of my high performance framework   
What will you find in "From Lead To Deal"?
My coaching has evolved over the years, but one thing has always remained: if you decide to do something, then you need to excel, then you need to become a top performer.

And while my coaching style used to be much more directive, today it is much more done through advisory, to let people come up with their own ideas and initiatives.

In sales, you meet all type of people.  People that are happy 'to have a job' and people that want to be exactly that high performer.  
For me, I absolutely adore working with the latter kind. I truly love stretching and challenging my teams and clients, and while this might feel new for most of them, soon they pretty much demand to keep on being challenged.  After all, top performers are curious and like to be challenged! :)

I have written that e-book here so you would understand where I come from, what shaped me and what exactly is my methodology.

If you would have more questions after reading this, please reach out to me via cedric@jump.foundation, and let's set up a virtual coffee or tea.  Enjoy the read!

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